tfw when your little sis has bigger cup size

Etihw: Because you don’t like sweets, let me finish this cake for you.

Kcalb: Umm…umm…


So I played a game and I fell in love. My brain simulated bazillion scenario of disgustingly domestic stuffs for these two married losers sobs.

sorry for the lack of update orz

color practice and sample for something. I just realized if you switch the fruit order, they’re basically a traffic light

Based on 6 Little McGhees ad I saw in TLC…

I forgot how to draw them, this is why I at least I have to scribble something at least once a week o<-<

Dear Diary…

This one took place when his partner left him, years before Levi moved to Erwin’s next door

His diary basically is a notes for himself for raising these two. It filled with his discovery about Eren and Mikasa’s behaviours, photos as they grow, what they like and hate, etc…

picking up mood with doodling and hello new followers *O*/

I was ready to doodle something dumb related to single dads AU but when my weeaboo self accidentally listens to vocaloid’s ‘kiseki’ from a mix, an AU based on that song hit me like a truck…and i’m drowning byeee

Anonymous asked
Hello. I love Your drawings especially the way You draw Erwin. Your Erwin is perfect. He looks like sensitive,passionete, emotional, calm, very hot guy but concurrently He can be unpredictable, dangerous, distant, what is also hot :P And His nose. Thanks to You he also has sexy nose :P Mikeru from January 01, it's just masterpiece. They don't look like old dudes with overdeveloped muscle mass. Thank You so much for those drawings :D Kisses for You !

omg anon thank you very much for your impression on my erwin’s drawing, I’m literally like this lady when I open my message today

:* I hope you have a nice day anon ;3;

You are a miracle sent down from Heaven- I don't think you understand just how much I needed these papas!Levi and Erwin and babies!Eren and Armin <3

aww I’m glad you enjoyed that <333